Weekly Guide for Events in Cairo

Each week, Cairo blows our week with colourful events. This is the last week of March’s guide.

On Monday

DJs Hossam Jamaica, Za Her and Dunkler will join forces by playing some of there tunes at 24K Lounge

The one and only DJ Feedo will be playing his R&B and hiphop mixes at Bella Figura Lounge

Cocoon Band will be playing at Cairo Jazz Club 610 as part of the Soul Motion Dance Studio

Round 4 of Challenge the Beat has come and it features Ashmawy and Mohasseb at Cairo Jazz Club

For a night of classical and modern rock tunes catch Pandora at The Tap East

Hit The Tap West for a night with DJ Teddy

Break A Leg ft. DJ T will be playing their cool house beats at The Tap Maadi

On Tuesday

Jayden Oath will be playing an original debut set of EDM live at Cairo Jazz Club. Later Machine Eat Man, internationally acclaimed musician, will blow your minds with his mixture of synthesizer-based electronic and oriental beats.

The Egyptian Armenian Oud player and composer Georges Kazazian will take over El Sawy Culturewheel’s stage.

Also, at El Sawy Culturewheel Groove band who sing a bunch of genres together

On Wednesday

Acoustic night at 3elbet Alwan Hassan Ramzy & Khaled AlAgaty

The iconic Ali El Haggar will be at El Sawy Culturewheel

DJ Feedo returns again with his R&B and hiphop at The Tap East

The Tap Maadi features DJs Hisham Zahran and Misty together playing their own house tunes

The Tap West hosting a coldplay tribute night with Strawberry Swing