Redbull Soundclash 2019

RedBull Sound Clash has always proved itself as being unique in its kind, from the bands participating to the surprise guests each band presents.

In 2013, Egypt witnessed the first sound clash between West El Balad and Cairokee and it changed the history of music in Egypt


In 2015, things were more diverse between Cairokee and Sharmoofers, complete different styles clashing together which surprised the fans.

The latest sound clash was in 2017 between Sharmoofers and Masar Egbari and it was considered a completion from outer space.

Now we are getting ready for RedBull Sound Clash 2019. In the past 6 years we’ve seen 3 concerts. However this year, in just one weekend we’ll be seeing 3 concerts! This year bands from Jordan will be joining bands from Egypt to create one of the biggest events in the century.

Thursday 4th of April: Autostrad vs Akher Zapheer

Friday 5th of April: Jadal vs West El Balad

Saturday 6th of April: Aziz Maraka vs Sharmoofers

If you haven’t heard about RedBull Sound Clash, here’s how the day goes by. Two bands, two stages on opposite sides and the judges, the fans, in the middle.

The competitions has 5 rounds:

The Warm up: Each band plays 3 of there songs to get the fans in the right mood

First Round: The DJ plays a well known song and each band should play the same song in their own way

Second Round: The first band plays a song of theirs, but the other band should complete singing the same song in their own way and again vice versa

Third Round: Each band sings two songs in two different ways

Forth Round: Each band sings a song with a surprise guest

The fans are the judges, so you choose who wins the showdown

Save the dates because you won’t want to miss this. The concert starts at 6 and ends at 11 from the 4th to 6th of April.

To buy your tickets, Visit or visit any of there outlets.