Recipe of Success

C-Network will be present as the main Media Partner for Ahmed Abou-Hashima’s Day; organized by Future Club.
C-Network is a full circle of Digital Marketing and Media Production which connects various social and commercial sectors aiming to present a wider scale for the community.(needs more details and specs).
Future Club is a leading students club in the Faculty of Commerce and the first one in the faculty’s English Section, the club established 1998 and operating effectively since then.

Their ultimate goal is to change the whole typical-university-routine by influencing and developing their colleagues in particular and moreover pass their experience torch to similar communities all over the region; using practical work that enables Future Club members enriching their experience and enhancing their personal skills in order to properly guide them properly through their first steps in the real practical life; and provide the Egyptian market with more qualified calibers for the greater good of our beloved country.
And who would be more of an iconic speaker than the man himself: MR. Ahmed Abou Hashima, discussing entrepreneurship and how to start your own business; sharing his immense industrial and managerial knowledge with the anticipating young fresh audience.

Ahmed abou-Hashima is the CEO of Cairo-based giant Egyptian Steel, founded 2010. A self-made global entrepreneur and worked in the steel industry since 1996. Soon after the beginning of this decade; 2011; he took a calculated risk and pumped 1 billion dollar investments into Egyptian Steel; which eventually paid off. Egyptian Steel and its subsidiaries are producing 20-22 percent of Egypt’s steel supply.

Egyptian Steel produces durable, high-quality steel using efficient, innovative techniques and with a cautious eye towards maintaining green environment; long one of the top strategical priorities for Mr. Abou Hashima, also founder of Egyptian Media Group. A conglomerate of all types of media services that he established with the aim to develop this sector in Egypt and provide the quality and expertise to regain Egypt’s leadership in the region; and ultimately worldwide.