Cairo’s Weekend Guide

The weekend is here again and its time to start planning it. This weekend is full of exciting events going on. So here’s your weekend guide to help you plan an unforgettable weekend.

On Thursday 21st of March

The R&B and hip hop master DJ Feedo will be taking over Opia Cairo starting 10PM

For a deep house, tech house and techno night, Cairo Jazz Club 610 is your absolute destination with DJ Miyagi. Adding more electric tunes later on in the night is live performance by BONDI. Last but not least, ending the night with DJ Richard R.. Starting 10PM

Cairo Jazz Club is having a full house with live performances by local bands. Do’souqa band will be opening the night with their indie styled music. Followed by a mixture of oriental indie and jazz music by Sukoon band. Finally the night ends with Egyptian Project, their music has Egyptian folk and sufi tunes. Starting 10PM

The Tap East is having DJ ZawZaw playing pop hits starting 10PM

Meanwhile at The Tap Maadi, Power Puff Girls Trio will be playing house and disco beats starting 10PM

For a RnB and hiphop night, hit The Tap West were DJunkie will be playing starting 10PM


Call out for Coldplay fans, Strawberry Swings will be having their usual Coldplay tribute at Room Art Space starting 9PM

Khaled Medhat and the band will be playing their experimental music at 3elbet Alwan now at Zamalek starting 8PM

On Friday 22st of March

For the second time, Music Festival returns at The Greek Campus with a exceptional line up including the star Mahmoud El Esseily, Egypt’s inspirational rapper Zap Tharwat, Sary Hany and the iconic Islam Chipsy. The event starts at 2PM

If you missed DJ Feedo on Thursday, no worries he’ll be back with his R&B and hiphop tunes at Cairo Jazz Club 610 starting 10PM

Cairo Jazz Club is hosting A-Squared & Co with a special edition called the Amber Team Edition were they play alongside team Amber starting 10PM


At The Tap East, DJ MESKA will be playing live followed by house music by Ayman Nageeb starting 10PM

Meanwhile, The Tap West is having funk tunes with DJ Azaar and Saharaty together taking over the stage. Starting 10PM

Zen By DJ Ouzo will be at The Tap Maadi starting 10PM


Do’souka band are not keeping it slow this weekend, playing live again at Room Art Space starting 9PM

Darb1718’s is usual night MazzikaXElSat7 will be featuring Pink Floyd tribute night by Paranoid Eyes starting 8PM



On Saturday 23rd of March

Another pop night at The Tap East by DJ Kashouty starting 10PM

The Tap West is having pop hits as well by DJ Teddy starting 10PM

Gummy Bears is having an acoustic night at The Tap Maadi starting 10PM


Room Art Space is hosting a jazzy night featuring Noha Ferry Quartet starting 9PM

High Dam Band, an afro Egyptian band, that plays Nubian Folkloric music with a touch of modern and contemporary music will be Cairo Jazz Club starting 10PM

Sawy Culturewheel is having their first Arab Underground Music night. The line up includes Safy, Abdeen, Balqeis, and Bath Takhreeby

Jama, a band that plays covers for artists like Ziad El Rahbany, Fairuz, Sheikh Emam and Sayed Darwish, will be playing at 3elbet Alwan